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Louisa had a restructure of her business model ready to attract a higher level client. She shares her experience of how quickly we identified the root causes of her blocks and how this experience contributed to moving through her limits and achieving the next phase of success she was seeking.


"You were able to get to that level [the root cause] so fast! I saw massive shifts that I really wasn't expecting on that scale. I got that feeling that it was safe to up-level" Victoria describes the private coaching she had and how it increased her confidence and caliber of clients.


"I felt *trapped* and I didn't know how to move past it. In such a short space of time I was able to nail down exactly WHY. I've turned a corner and I'm making progress in every part of my life and business." Sarah Gray, a phenomenal Sales and Leadership Expert who worked us during a big transition in her business.


"[this has] given me an excitement about my business that I didn't have before - I felt very isolated. There's been a huge difference in my sense of confidence and positivity in connecting with people. I am being myself. [by working with you] I thought I was just going to cure my marketing illness...instead I have joy, connection and confidence" Jo, Life Success Coach 

"Kaylie changed my life. I was in a total slump after realizing I HATED my business model. I was drained. Crying every other day. And I just could not see any way out.  

It got so bad that my income had plummeted to $4k a month and I knew if I couldn’t get my shit together, I’d prob be at $0 because I was barely getting enough strength to show up at all.  

I learned that I could build my personal brand EXACTLY the way I see fit and I didn’t have to do it anyone else’s way. I felt so empowered I doubled my income and got back into the 5-figure / month gang!  

Thank you so much Kaylie for everything! If this is the kind of breakthrough that happens after ONE conversation, I can’t imagine how my life will change in your [long term] 1:1" - Natasha, Business Mentor and Agency owner.

"#HolySh*tBalls We did it! We hit our ‘best’ goal and sold out our workshop! (Although we now have even more spaces available since manifesting a bigger and better venue!) I’m so happy I could cry. I haven’t been allowing myself this magic for a couple months now, for some reason it was as if I’d snuck back into to my old habits of forced action and hustle. I forgot just how easy it can be to manifest your massive goals!" - Sarah

"I feel a bit teary...but in the best way!  Big shifts have happened.  After you helped me release all of that guilt and shame I felt about having more success I welcomed the most amazing VIP client literally 48 hours after. I feel so amazing and I'm so grateful!" - Victoria

“It's only once we accept the distinction within us, that we finally stop hiding the parts of us that lead us to cross all of our thresholds.”

― Kaylie Simmone, Founder of Vision of Self

"I used to be a 'do it 17 times and still not feel alright about it' type of person but now I just do it on the first take. I feel like myself again! I look like myself again. I'm doing all the things I love and it's having a powerful effect on my business" - Tiffany, Relationship Expert

"I'm gaining so much clarity every single day and I feel like I'm finally listening to my inner guidance system. My event is SOLD OUT. Growth game is so strong! - Sarah

"My biggest transformation since working with Kaylie has been giving myself permission to redefine success for myself. Since doing so I have achieved my six figure year through coaching, high level corporate contracts and speaking gigs. I have helped dozens of clients transform their lives while living my best life!" - Stella, Executive Career Mentor

"I'm in awe at this experience. I feel naked. Just like how a baby doesn't really give a f*ck; it's just happy and does what it wants...Yeah, that's exactly how I feel. That's the only way I can describe what's happened to my mindset, energy AND my business after working with you." - Zana

"Wow, wow, wow! So a gal reached out to me at the end of last week and booked my new intensive....Learned my lesson- expect the best- always prepare myself for the thing I want to happen. Also received a bomb ass video testimonial from a previous client today. I feel things are aligning so nicely. I feel more & more confident everyday." - Tonya 

"You won’t get textbook answers or the latest trend that’s hitting the business space for one hot second - you will get deep meaningful understanding of who you are, the limiting beliefs you have (that you don’t even realise!) and a transformation deep within you that will take you to crazy new heights.


I am not on the same path I was on and I don’t even recognise the girl that started work with her but I sure as hell love the woman I am now and have unshakeable faith in the direction I am now taking.

I was stuck chasing the ‘next big thing’ when really what I needed to do was focus on me, block out the noise and do what was intuitively right. Having the support of Kaylie has made that possible and fear has been replaced with excitement " - Sarah G

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