Get unstuck in 30 days.​


This container taps deep into your essence, providing you with absolute clarity, confidence and clear direction. If you’ve been feeling trapped, lost, or frustrated at the crossroads of a transition or up-level this is for you.

This experience has been dubbed 'liberation and acceleration on all levels'. Don't waste another second suffocating in mental burnout or small-ville.

There's a whole new version of you that's already awakened and clearly knows what she wants.


And then there's the part of you that is still self sabotaging, procrastinating, contracting and second-guessing.

There's a part of you that feels trapped, lost and overwhelmed (even though you're doing a great job at hiding it from the outside world right now).

There's a part of you that is acutely aware of the impact this is having on your business, your confidence and your happiness.


Every part of you knows that this can't go on for much longer.

I know these parts of you because I was in your shoes.


Spring of 2018 I made some bold moves. Moves which at the time felt like my business and my life were crumbling down around me. In the name of following my true purpose and vision I shut down a multiple 6 figure revenue stream. I let go of team members. I'd outgrown everything; my business, my clients, my image. I was so unfulfilled and disconnected to my business and who I was I was completely burn out.


I even turned down a 5* vacation to the Bahamas I was so exhausted.


I felt guilt, shame, confusion, but also huge relief. 


After letting go, rebuilding who I wanted to be and who I wanted to work with came with its own challenges - messaging, positioning, clarity - not to mention an overwhelming amount of resistance to my growth and flood of not good enough unworthy undeserving emotions.


I felt like I was starting all over again but on the other side of all of this was more fulfilment and ease than I’d ever known.


I created this container to help you successfully breakthrough. Because the other side is waiting for you and trust me it’ll be worth it all. 

In just 4 weeks you will have left stuck behind and be in exciting momentum.

The Threshold is an intimate, high level, high touch, rapid transformation experience for successful Entrepreneurial Women who have evolved and are now stuck trying to 'figure it out'.


It's for leaders who are craving clarity and momentum, but can't get past their own *personal hell* of self sabotage, procrastination, torment, restlessness, contraction, second-guessing, hiding, withdrawal, avoidance (or all of the above).

As our evolution throws us into unknown waters we have to navigate ourselves and our business again. And our business is the ultimate mirror for our fears, our doubts, our stories, patterns, and subconscious beliefs that keep us conflicted and going against the current.

What we see and experience externally is:

:: stagnation or plateau

:: resistance and low energy

:: cash flow drying up

:: no desire to show up or sell

:: outgrowing our business, clients and image

:: hiding, withdrawal and isolation

:: difficulty articulating what you do, or stand for

:: restlessness, mental burnout and spiritual depression

:: brick walls, invisible barriers and limits

:: tension in our relationships

Every second spent swimming against the current negatively impacts the very things we hold dear: our time, our health, our happiness and our loved ones.​​

The Threshold clears out these mental and energetic patterns and gives you absolute clarity so that you can exponentially move forward with your mission.



The Threshold is designed to suit your desire for clarity, speed, flow AND your valuable time. High touch is paramount for rapid results which means you will receive on demand, 1:1 access for 30 days, inluding:

- 1 x 3 hour intensive

- 3 additional 1:1s to be used on demand

- Unlimited, on demand private Voxer access


  • a new, embodied, outlook on yourself and your business

  • clarity on your business and purpose

  • total release of what's truly trapping you in trepidation (incl. shedding old paradigms, beliefs, fears, inhibitions and subconscious resistance)

  • confidence in your decisions and direction

  • recalibration of thoughts & energy (cease overthinking, clear the fog, lift the weight)

  • reformation of your sense of self, identity & self-image (finally stopping spinning in the question 'who am I?')

  • living according to your values, highest priorities and non-negotiables

  • effortlessly articulating who you are and what you do (to the people you want to serve)

  • courage to express how you want (no more repressing or hiding)

"The multipassionate, multifaceted Woman is always evolving. There's no stopping her. She's a force of nature" 

This is a fit for high EQ entrepreneurial women who:

  •  want breakthrough results in all areas (personally, professionally and financially) where they have been disconnected, unfulfilled, stuck or uncertain 

  • are craving change and can no longer operate the same as they have been

  • want to reclaim their excitement, rawness, and edge

  • want to solidify their expression, voice and footing without manufacturing, or compromising themselves

  • want deeper impact and reconnection to themselves and their business 

  • will not accept being stuck one moment longer


You're being called to cross your threshold right now. Are you ready?


£5000 pay in full

£2600 x 2 payment plan

Have questions? Contact Kaylie here.


"I was in a slump...crying every other day. It got so bad that my income plummeted to $4k a month and I knew if I couldn't get my shit together, I'd prob be at $0. After one conversation with Kaylie I knew that I could expand my brand EXACTLY the way I see fit and I didn't have to do it anyone else's way. My income doubled and I got back into the 5-figure / month gang. Thank you so much Kaylie!" - Natasha Solae

"I felt *trapped* and I didn't know how to move past it. In such a short space of time I was able to nail down exactly WHY. I've turned a corner and I'm making progress in every part of my business.

You won’t get textbook answers or the latest trend that’s hitting the business space for one hot second - you will get deep meaningful understanding of who you are, the limiting beliefs you have (that you don’t even realise!) and a transformation deep within you that will take you to crazy new heights.


I now have unshakeable faith in the direction I am now taking. I was stuck chasing the ‘next big thing’ when really what I needed to do was focus on me, block out the noise and do what was intuitively right. Having the support of Kaylie has made that possible and fear has been replaced with excitement " - Sarah Gray

"I feel a bit teary...but in the best way!  Big shifts have happened.  After you helped me release all of that guilt and shame I felt about having more success I welcomed the most amazing VIP client literally 48 hours after.  You were able to get to that level [the root cause] so fast! I saw massive shifts that I really wasn't expecting on that scale. I always knew it  [my worth] consciously but I needed to FEEL it subconsciously. I feel so amazing and I'm so grateful!" Victoria Maskell

"I'm gaining so much clarity every single day and I feel like I'm finally listening to my inner guidance system....#HolySh*tBalls We did it! We hit our ‘best’ goal and sold out our workshop! I’m so happy I could cry. I haven’t been allowing myself this magic for a couple months now, for some reason it was as if I’d snuck back into to my old habits of forced action and hustle. I forgot just how easy it can be to manifest your massive goals!" - Sarah B

A NOTE FROM YOUR LEADER - When we make a changes as successful women there is so much more hanging in the balance. I know what goes through the minds of everyone in this situation - because it went through mine too - what about my reputation, my existing audience, my clients, my services, everything that I've built to date?


The Threshold is an amalgamation of expert navigation through eliminating mental and energetic baggage, subconscious resistance, invisible barriers & inhibitions that hit us every single time we uplevel and evolve; which as entrepreneurial women is a lot.


We're not the same people we were a year ago; 6 months ago; last month, even. We have to be able to navigate this growth in a way that it doesn't cause us to sabotage or burnout and this is what the Threshold will do for you.


Even in the dark times we are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for, and I'll help you quickly reconnect to this power. l can't wait to get you through to the other side

Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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