It takes courage to be and have what you want, but the alternative is living as a shadow of who you know you really are.


"There's a woman inside of you who is connected so deep to who she is that she effortless. She's evolutionary. She's soul-led. She's grounded and magically elevated at the same time. She has a profound presence which is felt before it's seen. She's expressed in all glory and all forms. She lives in you. She's reaching heights you didn't even think were possible. And She's waiting permission to be known right now.

Confidence. Certainty. Conviction


Your vision, business, relationships - and the things that matter the most to you -  only reach new heights of fulfilment, impact and exhilaration when you as the leader allow yourself to go over, above and beyond your current self. They can only grow when you accept your distinction, and give yourself permission to unlock and activate a higher potential and greater expression. This is Hyperself.


Join us on this profound personal transformational journey that will take you deeper into yourself, your essence and purpose than you've ever gone before and you will emerge from the other side with absolute clarity, connection, clear direction and truth. Whats holding you back from saying what you want, being who you want, and impacting how you want, and showing up how you want? Why you freeze, why you procrastinate, why if you're honest with yourself you feel like somethings missing and you're suppressing huge parts of yourself. 


  • Reclaim your time and energy thats wasted on overthinking.

  • Redefine success and your voice.

  • Be showing up with confidence, certainty and conviction (by bye convincing, people pleasing energy)

  • Connect to your truth and express in ways that showcase your distinct leadership

  • ways that you've never experienced before.

  • Experience profound internal change that ripples externally (personally, professionally and financially).

  • Open momentum and take your vision to a whole new level.

  • you will know who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to show up

  • confidence in your distinction.

  • stop repressing yourself (your voice, your mission)

  • trust yourself and your intuition

  • Instant ease and flow

  • finally get off the rebranding rollercoaster and stop perfectionist paralysis

  • a voice that feels like yours; its distinct its commanding its conviction

  • enter a new level of expression, trust and ease

  • anxiety - freeze flow cycle

  • stop looking outside of yourself and set your own benchmark

  • she's got a whole lot more she wants to say

  • when you're not fully expressed you out yourself in a prison, in a cage. Labelled

  • suppression (consciously) and repression (subconsciously)

  • identity, who i am how this impacts business relationships etc

  • the connection with building your confidence getting past blocks and presenting an image that reflects that (internal evolution). If you're not feeling connected to yourself, internally and externally, if you're shifting identities moving into next phase of business, the outside looking like how you feel on the inside, massive shifts internally and physically aligned 

  • who you NOW are (style wise, appearance, matching the internal) not for a vanity metric, but because if doesn't feel like 'me' anymore.

  • on the cusp of a massive breakthrough into a new identity

  • felt disconnected to herself (and her business or relationships)

  • confidence and radiance

The relationship that we have with ourselves is both the foundation AND the catalyst for everything that we want in life. When we are deeply in tune with ourselves everything feels effortless. We are at peace and at ease. We have a high quality of life that flows. We experience love, joy, profound impact and great financial advancement in our business.


As our evolution throws us into unknown waters we have to navigate ourselves and our business again; who am I? What is my purpose? What is my direction? When you know that there is so much more you want our business acts as the ultimate mirror for our fears, our doubts, our stories, patterns, and subconscious beliefs that keep us conflicted and going against the current.

When we are disconnected from ourselves - from our innate power and magnetism - what we see and experience externally is:

:: stagnation or plateau

:: resistance and low energy

:: cash flow drying up

:: no desire to show up or sell

:: outgrowing our business, clients and image (any old version of you)

:: hiding, withdrawal and isolation

:: difficulty articulating what you do, or stand for

:: restlessness, mental burnout and spiritual depression

:: brick walls, invisible barriers and limits

:: tension in our relationships

Every second spent swimming against the current negatively impacts the very things we hold dear: our time, our health, our happiness and our loved ones.

Hyperself clears out these mental and energetic patterns so that you can exponentially move forward with your mission.



28 days total

10 activations (hosted live by Kaylie via Zoom. The schedule will be sent to you upon enrolment

Facebook Group of love and support

Unlimited private Voxer access for the *first 10 members* (worth £1500)


Results when you go ALL IN are: 

  • a new, embodied, outlook on yourself and your business

  • total release of what's truly trapping you in trepidation (incl. shedding old paradigms, beliefs, fears, inhibitions and subconscious resistance)

  • Confidence and quicker decision making

  • greater ease and flow

  • recalibration of thoughts & energy (cease overthinking, clear the fog, lift the weight)

  • reformation of your sense of self, identity & self-image (finally stopping spinning in the question 'who am I?')

  • living according to your values, highest priorities and non-negotiables

  • the external changes reflecting the internal change

  • effortlessly articulating who you are and what you do

  • no longer feeling lost, isolated

  • confidence and courage to express how you want

"The multipassionate, multifaceted Woman is always evolving. There's no stopping her. She's a force of nature" 

This is a fit for high EQ entrepreneurial women who:

  •  want breakthrough results in all areas (personally, professionally and financially) where they have been disconnected, unfulfilled, stuck or uncertain 

  • are craving change internally and externally and can no longer operate the same as they have been

  • want to reclaim their excitement, rawness, and edge

  • want to find their footing without manufacturing, or compromising themselves

  • make the changes without fear of losing what they've built of being financially or emotionally impacted

  • For any woman who hasn’t lost connection to herself. Lost herself in her business. In a process. In a relationship. To her children. To anything outside of herself

Wherever you are right now - frustrated overwhelmed stuck unfulfilled dissatisfied in a transition, uplevel, pivot, bumping up against a limit or brick wall or simply hungry for a total new level of connection expression and impact - HyperSelf contains the mental and energetic principles that will get you through to the other side.


You're being called to activate your HyperSelf right now. Are you ready?

Speak with Kaylie personally to see if this is a good fit.


£1800 pay in full

£1000 x 2

"I was in a slump...crying every other day. It got so bad that my income plummeted to $4k a month and I knew if I couldn't get my shit together, I'd prob be at $0. After one conversation with Kaylie I knew that I could expand my brand EXACTLY the way I see fit and I didn't have to do it anyone else's way. My income doubled and I got back into the multi-5-figure / month gang. Thank you so much Kaylie!" - Natasha S

"I felt *trapped* and I didn't know how to move past it. In such a short space of time I was able to nail down exactly WHY. I've turned a corner and I'm making progress in every part of my business."


"You were able to get to that level [the root cause] so fast! I saw massive shifts that I really wasn't expecting on that scale. I got that feeling that it was safe to up-level" Victoria describes the private coaching she had and how it increased her confidence and caliber of clients.

MY STORY - When we make a change as successful business woman there is so much more hanging in the balance. I know what goes through their minds - because it went through mine - my reputation, my existing audience, my clients, my services, everything that Ive built to date. Then came the guilt and shame. I created Hyperself from my experience of successfully pivoting and the patterns that showed up every single time we uplevel and evolve. which as entrepreneurial women is a lot. We're not the same people we were a year ago; 6 months ago; last month, even. We have to be able to navigate this growth in a way that it doesn't cause us to sabotage or burnout. We so much more powerful than we know and Hyperself is the perfect activation. I use this every time to this day. And that is why I can't wait for you to experience its' power.

What you need to know:

This is a rapid transformational accelerator, therefore is NOT for you if:

  • Do not consider yourself a leader, a visionary or successful

  • Do not have a high level of personal responsibility

  • You are unwilling to do any shadow work and healing required (inc. subconscious rewiring & clearing energetic blockages)

  • You are unwilling to reevaluate and let go of all weight & baggage (incl. beliefs, relationships, clients, products/services that are no longer in alignment)

  • You are only one foot in (readiness and commitment to change is a necessity for results)


Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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