[30-Day Rapid Transformation]

You're so close to 6 Figures. Get across that line (and beyond) now.

This experience has been dubbed "the answer to all the things you had no idea your subconscious mind was doing to stop you receiving more money."

Fact 1: Money is energy.

Fact 2: You are energy.

Therefore you are made of money.

It's really that simple.




...Why does finally reaching 6 Figures in your business feel anything but simple?


Because you're complicating money.


Your subconscious has already planted a deep rooted story about what having MORE means. And simultaneously it's planted another deep rooted story about what not having ENOUGH means.


Before you know it 'money' is loaded with fear and consequences. It's no longer just energy.

It's now the £10k month you had once, but can't exceed.

It's the Yo-Yo money rollercoaster.

The 3-5k month trap.

The dream clients that just aren't saying YES.

The multi-6 figure year you declared but couldn't be further away from.

The VIP package that isn't filling.

The price increase that's making your heart pound with nervousness.

The anxiety that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

The financial breathing room you just don't have right now.


---> Here's the truth <---

Your money story is NEVER about money itself.

Your money story is actually the shame story.

It's the guilt story.

It's the 'it's going to be hard' story.

The 'I'm not good enough' story.

The 'will they take me seriously' story.

Will they see the value story.

I'm not qualified enough story.

The lack of confidence story.

The lack of esteem story.

The good news is no matter what stories and beliefs your subconscious has created, we are giving you the tools and the power to change them right now.


 Made of Money will show you HOW TO RELEASE EXACTLY what is preventing you from the 5+ figure months you want.

If you're ready to quantum leap into 6 figures and beyond don't wait another moment.



Access Made of Money now.







You will instantly receive:

- 1 x Rapid Money Transformation hypnosis healing audio

- 1 x 6 Figure Subconscious Imprinting audio to recode your belief system

*BONUS 1: Access to 3 weekly group coaching money mindset calls for personalised support and exponential shifts

*BONUS 2: Access to private Facebook group for mindset growth and acceleration


"I feel a bit teary...but in the best way!  Big shifts have happened. I discovered so much guilt and shame about having more money and becoming wealthier. After you helped me release all of that I welcomed the most amazing VIP client literally 48 hours after. I feel so amazing and I'm so grateful!" - Victoria


This is how POWERFUL Made of Money is. We don't believe in fluff. We believe in getting you to the root cause so that you can heal and blow your money flow wide open.

Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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