Get unstuck in 30 days.


This program taps deep into your essence, providing you with absolute clarity and clear direction. If you’ve been feeling trapped, lost, or frustrated at the crossroads of a transition or up-level this is for you.

This experience has been dubbed 'liberation and acceleration on all levels'. Don't waste another second suffocating in mental burnout or small-ville.

We see you, we hear you, we feel you. We know that you've been stuck and we know that you are ready for change. We know how this is impacting your business, your confidence and your happiness.  We know you're ready to audaciously move forward with your vision right now.


THE THRESHOLD [4 week accelerator]

The Threshold is an intimate, high level, high touch, rapid transformation experience for successful Entrepreneurial Women who have evolved and are now stuck trying to 'figure it out'. It's for leaders who are craving clarity and momentum, but can't get past their own *personal hell* of self sabotage, procrastination, torment, restlessness, contraction, second-guessing, hiding, withdrawal, avoidance (or all of the above).

Successfully transitioning without sabotage or losing sense of self demands elevated levels of focus, grounded energy, intrinsic certainty and uncompromised self-leadership. All of which require expert navigation through eliminating mental and energetic baggage, subconscious resistance, invisible barriers & inhibitions.

Together, we focus forward by clearing out mental and energetic clutter, removing obstacles and (re)awakening yourself and your purpose.


In 4 weeks you will uncover exactly what is keeping you stuck, and leave with a clear action plan of the changes in line with your vision.

The Results when you go ALL IN are:

  • a new, embodied, outlook on yourself and your business

  • stop repressing yourself (your voice, your mission)

  • trust yourself and your intuition

  • total release of what's truly trapping you in trepidation (incl. shedding old paradigms, beliefs, fears, inhibitions and subconscious resistance)

  • feeling confident with your decisions and direction

  • Instant ease and flow

  • finally get off the rebranding rollercoaster and stop perfectionist paralysis

  • recalibration of thoughts & energy (cease overthinking, clear the fog, lift the weight)

  • reformation of your sense of self, identity & self-image (finally stopping spinning in the question 'who am I?')

  • living according to your values, highest priorities and non-negotiables

  • effortlessly articulating who you are and what you do

  • absolute clarity on the external changes required (such as who you are serving, and how to show up for them, how to speak to them)

This is a fit for high EQ entrepreneurial women who:

  • want breakthrough results in all areas (personally, professionally and financially) where they have been disconnected, unfulfilled, stuck or uncertain 

  • are craving change internally and externally and can no longer operate the same as they have been

  • want to reclaim their excitement, rawness, and edge

  • want to solidify their expression, voice and footing without manufacturing, or compromising themselves

  • make the changes without fear of losing what they've built of being financially or emotionally impacted​

Wherever you are right now - frustrated overwhelmed stuck unfulfilled dissatisfied in a transition, uplevel, pivot, bumping up against a limit or brick wall or simply hungry for a total new level of connection expression and impact - The Threshold contains the mental and energetic principles that will get you through to the other side.

How this container works:

Unlimited, on demand, 1:1 access for 30 days.

What you need to know:

This is a rapid transformational accelerator, therefore is NOT for you if:

  • Do not consider yourself a leader, a visionary or successful

  • Do not have a high level of personal responsibility

  • You are unwilling to do any shadow work and healing required (inc. subconscious rewiring & clearing energetic blockages)

  • You are unwilling to reevaluate and let go of all weight & baggage (incl. beliefs, relationships, clients, products/services that are no longer in alignment)

  • You are only one foot in (readiness and commitment to change is a necessity for results)

You're being called across your threshold right now. Are you ready?



£5000 in full OR 2 x £2600 payment plan

To apply, complete the application below.

After we review your application you will be invited to a Voxer chat with Kaylie to be sure you are a good fit. 

Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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