"I'm in awe at this experience.  I just feel naked. Just like how a baby doesn't really give a f*ck, it's just happy and does what it wants. Yeah, that's exactly how I feel. That's the only way I can describe what's happened to my mindset + energy after working with you. The limitations you helped me uncover was something that needed to be said out loud and healed; thank you so much for pulling that out of me." - Zana, Transformational Life Coach
"When someone says to you ‘your soul looks uplifted’ the day after the transformation experience with you - you know it’s been incredible! Seeing the physical manifestation of the internal being cleared is mind blowing! I was literally in shock the amount of people who noticed a change in me so quickly after working with you (1 day!) I have been carrying scars for decades and for the first time in my life I actually feel free. I am so overcome with joy because I truly believed I would be trapped forever. My greatest fears were been holding me and my business hostage and I've been blocked for a long time because of it. Not anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Sarah,  Sales Coach.
"I was in a slump...crying every other day. It got so bad that my income plummeted to $4k a month and I knew if I couldn't get my shit together, I'd prob be at $0. After one conversation with Kaylie I learned that I could expand my personal brand EXACTLY the way I see fit and I didn't have to do it anyone else's way. My income doubled and I got back into the multi-5-figure / month gang. Thank you so much Kaylie!" - Natasha, CEO Digital Agency.
"I feel a bit teary...but in the best way!  Big shifts have happened. I was really struggling to receive more, and I was manifesting so much that I didn't want (like potential clients who were 300k in debt) because of my guilt cycle I honestly didn't even know I had. After you helped me release all of that guilt and shame I felt about having more money and becoming wealthier I welcomed the most amazing VIP client literally 48 hours after. I feel so amazing and I'm so grateful." - Victoria, Money Mindset Fairy Godmother & Hypnotherapist.

Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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