"#IGETMONEY Show is everything to do with money. And nothing to do with money at the exact same time. Expect to laugh and cry. A lot." - Kaylie Simmone
This is a subscription based only show. Full of guest experts. Brave Women in business. Explicit never-been-shared-before truths.  You are not alone in your wealth journey. And you do not want to miss this. Subscribe below to join.
Here's what's coming up on the show: 
EP.1 - What is your (real) Money Story? [released 11th Sept]
EP.2 -As Fast as you can come Up, you can Self Sabotage back down [released 18th Sept]
EP.3 - How Much money makes you feel physically Sick? [released 25th Sept]
EP. 4 - What's stopping you getting the money you Deserve? (huge Paradigm shift inside) [released 2nd Oct]
EP.5 - How Trauma REALLY relates to Money [released 9th Oct]
EP.6 - F*ck the Money bandaid [released 16th Oct]
EP.7 - Is Guilt and Shame blocking your money flow? [released 23rd Oct]
EP.8 - The Online atrocities keeping Women from themselves and their Money [released 30th Oct]
EP.9 - Warning signs that you're totally misplacing your Worth [released 6th Nov]
EP.10 ⁃ I don’t care how much money you make. Here’s why…[released 13th Nov]
EP.11 - The ultimate Power over Money [released 20th Nov]
EP.12 - Want a Money breakthrough? You need THIS breakthrough first...[released 27th Nov]
EP.13 - Can I get some Wealth-Esteem please? [released 4th Dec]
EP.14 - Where Self flows, Money goes [released 11th Dec]
EP.15 - To Master Money is to Master Yourself [released 18th Dec]
EP.16 - **XMAS SPECIAL**How the Social Media Culture of flashing our ‘BEST MONTH EVER’ is Crippling long term Wealth [released 25th Dec]
BONUS episodes:
⁃ I thought it (my success) was all over [featuring guest expert]
⁃ My lowest moment EVER [featuring guest expert]
- The embarrassingly crazy things I once considered doing for Money [featuring guest expert]
⁃ What losing it all really means [featuring guest expert]
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The idea for this brilliant show all started with an empowering hashtag: #IGETMONEY that I created for clients to use in our private coaching groups to share their money wins. It was designed to get these women to pay attention to HOW and WHY money always shows up for them so they could truly understand their manifesting powers. The more #igetmoney celebrations rolled in, the more money was made. The Universal Law of Attraction demonstrated oh so perfectly.
I wanted to bring this power to as many women across the globe and so the #IGETMONEY Show was born. I want to start (long overdue) conversations about what really happens with women and money. To break the stigma, the shame, the guilt, the 'I'm not enough' that plagues money. And change the narrative of what it means to be a fully expressed woman with money.
More so than anything I want to strip women of their inhibitions and show them how to imprint a harmonious internal dialogue with themselves so that they can build wealth from within. 
Kaylie Simmone xo

Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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