[3 Hour Virtual Healing Intensive]

Command the money you desire to receive on demand.


Your subconscious has already decided that you're not receiving more money. Let's find out why. Then destroy that belief. And replace it with the one that will enable you to access your millions.

Questions? Give us a call. Yes you read that right. Just call us. Don't wait another moment for change.

Fact: Money is energy.

Fact: You are energy.

Therefore you are made of money.

It's really that simple.




Why does surpassing your financial-best feel anything but simple?


Because we complicate money.


We attach so much weight to money because our subconscious has already planted a story about what having MORE means. And simultaneously it's planted a story about what not having ENOUGH means.


Before you know it 'money' is loaded with emotion and consequences. It's no longer just energy.


It's now up on this ridiculously high pedestal, that you've placed in a box on top of Mount Everest, and the key to the box is on the floor of the Atlantic.

That £50k month you had once but can't exceed.

That 7 figure year you declared but couldn't be further away from.

That VIP package at your new rates isn't filling.

That multi-5-figure investment mastermind is like crickets.

Here's the truth.

Your money story is NEVER about money itself.

Your money story is actually the shame story.

It's the guilt story.

It's the 'what will I lose / give up / have to sacrifice this time' story

It's the 'it's going to be hard' story.

It's the 'I'm not good enough' story.

The lack of confidence story.

The lack of esteem story.

Just because you’ve made money doesn’t not mean your money story is ‘healed’ ‘solved’ ‘sorted’ because as you continue to grow and experience more and more, you subconscious creates more and more stories. Its ever evolving. Ever ticking. Ever working. Just because you’ve made 6 figures doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to the work on your money story.


You can identify those stories. And destroy them.

How do you know which stories your subconscious has created?


Introducing Made of Money.


You dont know these on a concsioucs level. Here are some examples of money stories my clients have had.....


This is how POWERFUL this intensive is. I don't believe in fluff. I believe in getting you to the root cause. The healing. The truth.

Made of Money is NOT a get rich quick. It's not just about a one hit wonder high month, successful launch, this is about commanding money in whenever you want to. Its about raising prices and filling it effortlessly. Its about the subconscious imprint that fully believes and accepts that you are made of money.

So, what if you replaced the word ‘money’ with ‘energy’ right now.

How different does that feel already?

If you're ready to finally expand your capacity to receive more by believing feeling knowing with every cell in your body that limitless money is available to you, book your place now.

You've got work to do.

Do you qualify for this intensive? See below:

  • you are already making money

  • you’re prepared to do the deep ugly work (this is not fluff)

  • command 3-5k+ per month per client

  • £100k+ months

  • 7 figure years and beyond

  • don't just want a one hit wonder, want long term financial wealth

This experience has been dubbed "the answer to all the things yours subconscious mind was keeping from you about money."

"I feel a bit teary...but in the best way!  Big shifts have happened. I was really struggling to receive more and command what I knew deep down I was worth. After you helped me release all of that guilt and shame I felt about having more money and becoming wealthier I welcomed the most amazing VIP client literally 48 hours after. I feel so amazing and I'm so grateful!"

Investment: £555 

I must be crazy because its at this price. But it will never again be at this price. 

30 day money back guarantee. Side note: I've never been asked for a refund. Only love notes.

"I feel a bit teary...but in the best way!  Big shifts have happened. I was really struggling to receive more and command what I knew deep down I was worth. After you helped me release all of that guilt and shame I felt about having more money and becoming wealthier I welcomed the most amazing VIP client literally 48 hours after. I feel so amazing and I'm so grateful!"
"Erm...I don't even know what to say! I've been so flipping frustrated with myself for not being able to figure it out or come to any real sense of clarity on my positioning or who I am in my new direction (kind of suffocating and embarrassing for someone who's already built a successful brand). After the first 90 min RTT session I could not believe what the root cause of my visibility blockage was all of this time.  Since you I've 3x my rates and I'm on target for...wait for it...a £150k+ launch. WTAF!"
"#HolySh*tBalls We did it! We hit our ‘best’ goal and sold out our workshop! (Although we now have even more spaces available since manifesting a bigger and better venue!) I’m so happy I could cry. I haven’t been allowing myself this magic for a couple months now, for some reason it was as if I’d snuck back into to my old habits of forced action and hustle. I forgot just how easy it can be to manifest your massive goals!"
"I used to be a 'do it 17 times and still not feel alright about it' type of person but now I just do it on the first take which is saving me hours of time on my content. I feel like myself again! I look like myself again. I'm doing all the things I love and it's having a powerful effect on my business"
"I'm gaining so much clarity every single day and I feel like I'm finally listening to my inner guidance system. My event is SOLD OUT. Growth game is so strong! 
"I don't know if I told you this, but I've landed a gig with Executives at Facebook. FACEBOOK!
"I've just done a collaboration with Deepak Chopra. My brand is at completely new height"
"This is the BEST investment you will ever make. I knew this stuff worked, but reconnecting me to my innate power this fast? Gah! I listened to what I REALLY wanted, so I've re-branded, re-structured my services and I'm now working with less clients, but making so much more money. Say no more"
"Feels so incredibly powerful to be living in integrity with who I am and the result on my business is phenomenal"
"When someone says to you ‘your soul looks uplifted’ the day after the transformation experience with you - you know it’s been incredible! Seeing the physical manifestation of the internal being cleared is mind blowing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 
"So excited and overwhelmed to officially be a Forbes contributor!" 
"I discovered that I had not been doing the things that give me energy in my business. Now I'm right back in the spot that I LOVE to be in. I'm really glad that numbness I was feeling connected back to that because now I feel so f*cking amazing." 
"In the past I've told myself that I 'can't talk about that, or I can't do this' because it's not appropriate. Now I'm really in the space of allowing myself to talk about exactly what I want. So this means...I'M BACK!" 
"I was in a slump...crying every other day. It got so bad that my income plummeted to $4k a month and I knew if I couldn't get my shit together, I'd prob be at $0. After one conversation with Kaylie I knew that I could expand my personal brand EXACTLY the way I see fit and I didn't have to do it anyone else's way. My income doubled and I got back into the multi-5-figure / month gang. Thank you so much Kaylie!"

Kaylie Simmone International

Founder and Creative Director: Vision Of Self

Be unprecedented.

The time is now.

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